What are the pro's and con's on 2cm versus 3cm granite or Technistone Quartz?

Other than a very minor difference in price (typically $2-4 per square foot) the main difference from a utilitarian view is the 2cm material is quite a bit weaker than 3cm material. In Technistone Quartz or any quartz material, that difference in strength is not a critical factor. In natural granite the difference is much more critical. Athenian Marble Corp recommends 3cm granite material over 2cm granite material. 3cm granite material has a much greater ability to withstand subtle changes in position due to the wood substrate on which it is mounted flexing, expanding, or shrinking. There can be many factors that may cause your granite or Technistone countertop to have very minor movements (too small to see) and because of these issues we highly recommend that you use 3cm material.