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What is the difference between natural granite and engineered stone?”

Natural granite is quarried directly from the earth and may contain small fractures, voids, and widely varied veining and color shading. We believe its inherent beauty...

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Fabricating Quartzite

Its not a lot different to fabricate quartzite except that it is so much harder than any granite that I've worked with. It really slows down your production and wears out the tooling and polish pads. Thank goodness for good machinery. Be careful of the translucence of quartzite.  It's similar to onyx in that underlayment color differences can make it appear different shades. You have to be careful when mounting kitchen sinks. I normally use the T-31 anchor system but on quartzite we opt for a sink support frame.

Radon Gas in Granite

Media reporting on radon gas in granite has resulted in a confusing and emotional issue for many consumers. These reports have made many homeowners hesitant and unsure whether or not to install granite counter tops in their homes. Radon gas is an outgassing of natural radioactive material. It is found in all natural products from dirt, rocks, trees, plants, gypsum, etc.


OKC Home and Garden Show

Come see us January 21-23, 2011 at our booth at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City.  This is the premiere OKC Home and Garden Show and typically attracts upwards of 50,000 visitors. This show provides an excellent chance for anyone thinking about possible remodels, building a new house, moving and looking for decorating ideas, even cooking demonstrations.