Fequently Asked Questions

Athenian Marble Corp pricing includes installation of our products only. We do not do tear-out or prep work. However, we have worked with some very reliable remodelers for many years and would be glad to help you with their names and phone numbers.


Athenian Marble Corp typically includes a new kitchen sink in their bid. The remodel contractor will typically include in a basic bid everything needed to replace your countertops and labor to hook everything up. You will also need to purchase a new sink faucet (make sure it works with your new sink), new cooktop if you are replacing it. If you also want to replace your backsplash, you will need to go over that with your remodeler.

Athenian Marble Corp typically requires its installers to make sure seams are no wider than 30 thousands of an inch wide and vertical displacement is not greater than 15 thousands. The seams can be seen and felt. We use color matched silicone to fill and seal the seams.

Natural granite is quarried directly from the earth and may contain small fractures, voids, and widely varied veining and color shading. We believe its inherent beauty comes from these irregularities and do not consider them to be flaws. We seal all natural granite that we install with a food grade sealer. However, sometimes a more uniform consistent look is desired.

Yes. Typical repairs done on small chips or scratches should be as permanent as the rest of the stone. Depending on the repair you may still be able to slightly feel and/or see the repaired area if you know where it was originally. Naturally occuring fissures or cracks may be repaired as well.