Fequently Asked Questions

Yes. There is #1 or First Grade and then there is Commercial Grade. There are a wide variety of reasons for grading granite as commercial grade rather than #1, but the most common reason is that it does not fit within the color parameters of the quarries control sample. It is not necessarily a less desirable piece of granite, but it is generally more unique in color and/or pattern and therefore more difficult to match should that become necessary.

It will vary with what you want done and the difficulty of your specific countertops, but for a standard job it can generally be done for less than $1,000.00.

Typically you should expect about 48-72 hours from tear-out to new counters with everything reconnected..

Other than a very minor difference in price (typically $2-4 per square foot) the main difference from a utilitarian view is the 2cm material is quite a bit weaker than 3cm material. In Technistone Quartz or any quartz material, that difference in strength is not a critical factor. In natural granite the difference is much more critical. Athenian Marble Corp recommends 3cm granite material over 2cm granite material.

Yes. We will typically draw your kitchen to scale and you have the option as listed on your 'Information Sheet' to review the drawing and see how we would typically place the seams or if you have some place you prefer your seams to be you can go over that with your sales person of one of our office staff.  However, once the material is cut there is no further option. Please be aware that some seam options may change the cost of your bid.